L3 Technologies High-Frequency Trading


L3 Technologies provides liquidity and fair prices on all financial markets: Equity, FX, Derivatives, Fixed Income and Commodities.

Using proprietary approaches and technologies, we contribute to the markets’ stability and fairness and make them more attractive to the millions of people around the world.


We are constantly looking for talented people. At the moment we have the following positions:

C++ developer
Python developer
Quantitative researcher
FPGA developer

For all questions please write to careers@L3tech.io


The Company is developing and open to cooperation in financing its long-term growth.

If you are interested in this opportunity — contact us at investors@L3tech.io


L3 Technologies offers its products to the companies that need the fastest infrastructure, software and hardware solutions in financial markets.

We provide systems for developing, optimizing and testing algorithms. Please contact products@L3tech.io